• Stan Pulliam

Mayor Stan Pulliam Calls on Governor Brown to Suspend the Clean Fuels Program

SANDY, OR—Today Mayor Stan Pulliam issued the following statement calling on Governor Brown to suspend the Clean Fuels Program:

"Gas and diesel prices are through the roof and Governor Brown doesn't seem to have noticed," said Pulliam. "President Biden has done nothing to help, but years of nickel-and-diming drivers can be reversed right here in Oregon."

Cutting gas taxes and suspending the Oregon Clean Fuels Program is a much needed start. This program hikes up gas and diesel prices but does nothing to benefit Oregonians' daily lives. Gas prices in Oregon are 4th highest in the nation, averaging $4.662 per gallon for regular. Just across the border in Idaho the price is $4.170 per gallon.

"Governor Brown is the only one who can take action right now to make the lives of poor and middle class Oregonians just a little bit easier during this crisis," continued Pulliam. "But once I'm elected Governor I will abolish the Clean Fuels Program completely."

Beyond immediate steps to relieve inflation, Oregon must help in the effort for energy independence. Mayor Stan has long been calling for the state to take steps to help move the world away from Russian oil and gas, including spending the last 10 months calling for the development of the Jordan Cove project to increase LNG exports.

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy.

He is running for governor in the 2022 election.


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