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Mayor Stan's Statement on Salem-Keizer School District's Radical Agenda for Kids

Sandy, OR—Today, Mayor of Sandy Stan Pulliam released the following statement in response to the Salem-Keizer School District's adoption of a radical agenda in the second largest school district in Oregon: "While Salem-Keizer students are struggling to catch up from two years of their schools failing to get them an adequate education, administrators are now implementing a new agenda on our kids that has nothing to do with learning and everything to do with woke personal agendas," said Mayor Pulliam. The proposals include:

  • Allowing students to use the gendered bathrooms and locker rooms of their choosing

  • Letting students pick the gendered sports team of their choosing

  • Assisting students with gender transitioning without approval by their parents

  • Pushing "gender and sexuality diversity" in curriculum starting in kindergarten

"This kind of woke agenda has no place in our schools," continued Pulliam. "My daughters—just like everyone else's—deserve fairness by playing on sports teams with other girls. They deserve the privacy of changing rooms and bathrooms with girls only. Schools have no business telling kindergarteners they can pick the gender and the bathroom of their choosing. It's absurd and it's not their job. Parents know best, not school district administrators. Period." "The fact that this agenda is being pushed in Oregon schools without involving the public or even the elected school board tells you just how radical it is," said MacKensey Pulliam, wife of Stan Pulliam and President and Co-Founder of the Oregon Moms Union. "If you're going to radically change sports and which bathrooms students can use parents have a right to know and to sound off on the proposal." Click here to download documents showing the Salem-Keizer School District's policy.

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy.

He is running for governor in the 2022 election.


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