• Stan Pulliam

Mayor Stan Holds Press Conference Outside ofGovernor's Mansion Regarding the Homeless Crisis

SALEM—Today, Saturday May 7th, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam held a press conference outside of the Governor's Mansion in Salem to talk about the Governor's failure to resolve the ongoing mass homelessness crisis:

"Oregonians are a giving people," said Mayor Stan. "From my hometown of Sandy to here in Salem—we know we can rely on our neighbors to step up and help those who are less fortunate and to make our communities better. But the kindness and patience of Oregonians has been taken advantage of for far too long."

"Under a Pulliam Administration, we will stop trying the patience of Oregonians who have lived with this mess for too long," continued Pulliam. "We're going to end permanent homelessness, triple the size of the state police to enforce our laws, and deploy the national guard to clean up our streets."

Click here to download a recording of the press conference.

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy.

He is running for governor in the 2022 election.


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