• Stan Pulliam

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Stan Completes Bus Tour, Visits Medford Homeless Shelter

SANDY, OR — Over the weekend, Mayor Stan Pulliam completed the first leg of his Main Street Heroes bus tour, with stops in Sutherlin, Medford, and Grants Pass. On Saturday, Mayor Stan visited Rogue Retreat, a homeless shelter in Medford:

"Every politician talks about the ways we can provide help to those who want it, and as a result, there are many terrific programs available like Rogue Retreat," said Pulliam. "But nobody’s talking about the criminals living on our streets. It’s time to be firm with those who have zero interest in receiving help to better their situation and get into housing. The culture of criminality must end."

To view pictures from these events please click here.

You can read the Mayor's homelessness plan here.

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy.

He is running for governor in the 2022 election.


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