• Stan Pulliam

Mayor Stan: "Oregon could lead the way by building back American."

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Coos Bay, OR — Today, Mayor of Sandy and candidate for governor Stan Pulliam visited the Port of Coos Bay and held a press conference regarding how Oregon could be a leader in solving America's supply chain crisis:

"We are on the heels of one of the busiest shopping weekends across the country, where Oregonians have had to deal with significant department store backups and price hikes because of America's supply chain crisis.

"Oregon could have been a leader in solving this crisis, but for the efforts of Governor Kate Brown. Coos Bay could have been one of the largest deep water shipping ports on the west coast. Politicians will now tout programs like Build Back Better to fund infrastructure projects on the backs of taxpayers, but the truth is that this project could have been championed years ago with private investment dollars through the Jordan Cove project.

"We used to think big here in Oregon. We had leaders who led the way from the Bottle Bill to the securement of our public beaches. But too often we lag behind. From day one a Pulliam administration will aggressively pursue opportunities to bring back manufacturing, timber, rail, trucking and other natural resource job opportunities for Oregon. We will rebuild our economy by building back American."


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