• Stan Pulliam

Mayor Stan Releases Plan to Crack Down on Criminal Element of Homeless Population

SANDY, OR — This week, Mayor Stan Pulliam released his plan to address the criminal element of homelessness in Portland as part of his submission on The Oregon Way: "We must begin by acknowledging there is a stark difference between those priced out of the housing market and people choosing to live a criminal lifestyle of violence, theft, and hard drugs." said Mayor Pulliam. The plan includes a proposal to allow the Oregon State Police to relocate homeless encampments under certain circumstances to a facility under the authority and enforcement purview of the Port of Portland. "There needs to be an adult in the room," continued Pulliam. "Oregonians are sick of government ignoring the problem and doubling down on policies that have only made things worse. In a perfect Oregon, elected officials would simply enforce the law and not tie the hands of those sworn to uphold it. But if that isn’t happening, Oregonians need a leader with the fortitude to do what needs to be done." Read the full proposal here.

Stan Pulliam is the two term, nonpartisan Mayor of Sandy.

He is running for governor in the 2022 election.


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